Empowering the Communities of Oumifiss

June 2020: Two European volunteers have been deployed by ADICE as part of the HVA Project (Friederique Kaiser and Victor Forthomme) during their mission in Oumifiss village in Morocco, in which the initiative helps to develop the drought project during the month of June 2020.

The goal of this project is to rehabilitate a well, in order to irrigate arable lands that was abandoned for nearly 8 years because of lack of resources. In fact, the minimal cost of irrigation costs locals more than third of their monthly income, the cost can increase in abandoned lands. Moreover, the last couple of years were rough due to extreme drought which the region to be severely affected by the lack of water.

The volunteers were able to establish several activities for getting water pumps powered by 10 photovoltaic panels that will provide water and restart the agricultural activity. This action was co funded by our Oumifiss Association for Social Development and Environment (OASDE) and local’s participation.

Not only the well rehabilitation facilitates the cultivation of those abandoned lands but also it considerably reduces the financial damages irrigation for 20 families of the village.

Progression of project 85%